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The Wizards Play Network - Official Tournament Store Program sets the Bar higher than anyone else when it comes to Customer Service and personifies what other Trading Card Games should replicate with their Organized Play Programs. True professionals, from their very core, Wizards' team is a Think Tank of information and knowledge about their products; namely Magic the Gathering. Not only are they here to support, improve, and share in the success of your Gaming Store, they REALLY do Love the product they create and so do we!

Millions of Magic players literally at your fingertips! That's right there are well over a Million players around the world and from every country! Don't you want a captivated audience in your store?! The WPN Network is a lean, mean, Tournament store service machine and once your signed up it's like having the Multiverse at your fingertips. We're gonna illustrate just what's in store for you after you set your account up.

The Power of Play! An Incredible video by Wizards of the Coast capturing the spirit of "Fun and Play!" that games like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons delivers! Remember it's a Game and we're all here to have fun!



Contact Wizards of the Coast: You can also visit the Wizards Play Network Official Site by clicking here for Sign Up, Retail Support Material, and other Product Information Updates. Tournament scheduling for FNM's, Prereleases, Leagues, and Game Days are also noted with in-depth information on what exactly these tournaments are.


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