Pokemon TCG Official Tournament Store... Legendary! Arguably the trigger that help make Card Game's what they are today. The Pokemon TCG has introduced millions of children around the world to what a Card Game is and how much fun they are to play! 20+ years and hundreds of new Pokemon, the franchise is still alive and pumping and it ain't just Pikachu running the show! We've got bigger, badder, and more powerful Pokemon than ever in the latest Sword & Shield Series propelling the Card Game amongst the top played games in the World!

Hold Special Events As A Tournament Store! As an Official Tournament Store you will be able to hold special events to help distinguish your store in the community. When players are looking for Official Events to participate in, your store will show up on the Pokemon TCG Official Site under the Event Locator.



    Pre-Release Tournaments
    Pokemon Trading Card Game League
    Battle Roads Tournaments
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It's Easy To Get Started! Check out the Organized Play Tournaments page on the Official Pokemon website by clicking here. This should help give you a better idea of what kind requirements and general knowledge you will need to begin holding events.

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