Organized Play


Is your store participating in Tournament Play?  It's a gigantic leap from the good old days when customers would walk into a store to buy sports cards or comics. Believe us, we know the anxiety that may be running through your mind. However, just like the mortgage rates being at a historic low we are experiencing an incredible resurgence in popularity amongst table top games; TCG's Trading Card Games, Deck Building Games, Board Games, etc. And it's our duty as your distributor to help set your store up with the various game manufacturers so you can become a participating Official Tournament Store.

Help? That's what we're here for! We realize that it's tough to just run a business in itself; but you can count us as your ally! Whether it is to help connect you with the right people in charge of organized play, fill out forms, or give advice on how to promote and expand your local tournaments, Mad Al Distributors is at your side! Over 20+ years experience in the industry - it can't hurt to get free advice that people spend thousands of $$$ to get from consultants.

How are card games educational?! Adults and children are flocking to gaming stores, whether due to word of mouth or media advertisements, to play their favorite card game. Parents encourage their children to play card games for various reasons and Mad Al Distributors has been an advocate of the educational aspects of TCG's since day one! Socially, card games are incredible facilitators of new friendships and positive social group building. Tournaments provide a great means for players to learn sportsmanship and competition while helping them learn to cope with pressure. Many of our customers give us feedback on a daily basis on how amazed they are at the speed of decision making and calculation that players wield as they battle their way to the top of the competition.

How do Tournaments help my business? Players across the country are looking for innovative and entertaining places to play their favorite card games. Mark your spot now in this fast growing industry! Open an account with Mad Al Distributors today and find out how we can help you create your success for tomorrow.

The Games: Below is a listing of manufacturers and the information you will need in order to open your account as an Official Tournament Store. For assistance establishing any of the following accounts please contact your Mad Al Distributor account representative today!



Fantasy Flight Games

Wizards of the Coast