The Konami OTS - Official Tournament Store Program exemplifies an Organized Card Game at it's best! Konami has spent countless hours of manpower to bring Yugioh under one roof since taking back the property from Upper Deck in 2008. One of the top Card Games in the world, Yugioh boasts players from almost every country you can think of and you can bet there are players near you! Organized Play is the foundation of Trading Card Games and your Store is very important in continuing to grow our already robust market.

If you own a Hobby type business or have large foot traffic, holding Official Events can literally draw new customers to your doorsteps. If you're looking for a new business concept or store model this could be what you're looking for. Players are always looking for comfortable and enjoyable environments to conduct their dueling, and because of the diversity of TCG's in America you can be sure that they'll be looking for new and old cards to complete or build their decks.

 What does it take to become an OTS?
To become an OTS, a retailer must have a physical retail location with a permanent exterior signage. They need to report a minimum of one tournament each month. The gaming space must be able to accommodate a minimum of 16 players. They will need to carry a wide selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! product to meet the needs of their customers. Finally, applying stores will have to fill out, and submit, a questionnaire along with store photos to the Konami Support Team.

If you require assistance with your Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play or have general OP questions, then contact PHD’s own Director of Organized Play, Rod Edwards, and he’ll help you to become a center of OP excellence in your community.

(310) 220-8100

Event Support