Cardfight Vanguard Tournament Store Program... "Off to an incredible start and living up to initial hype, Cardfight Vanguard looks like it's here to stay and is growing in popularity daily! By word of stores currently offering Tournaments for Vanguard we are hearing that many new Card Players are beginning to learn how to play the game through word of mouth. "A friend of a friend of family, etc. BAM! the next thing you know it we have 20 or more players in Tournaments or Casual Play" -Quoted from an Actual Tournament Store. If you've always regretted not getting in on Yugioh or Pokemon when they first started this is probably another that you don't wanna miss. Bushiroad offers three great, very colorful, manga style, card games: Cardfight!! Vanguard; Weiß Schwarz and Future Card Buddyfight

 All About Fun! The creators of Vanguard are dedicated to creating a balanced, fast and furious gameplay but loaded with fun for everyone. There really is no "bad deck" in the game as luck plays a large enough roll in the game to even allow the "weakest" deck to beat the "top tier" deck on a good day. Once you get your players in the community invovled you'll find crossover from other games but in many cases a whole new gaming crowd was developed especially for Cardfight Vanguard.

It's Easy To Get Started! All retailers and shops that wish to host English Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Tournament: From USA: Please mail your enquiries to usa_help1@bushiroad.com
Outside of USA: Please contact your respective distributors.  We can only respond to the above email account regarding to Tournament Enquiries in USA.

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